A dream…

Last night I drempt.

It wasn’t like the ocassional wierd dreams I get… Even though part of me felt as if I was fully awake, I do not feel tired at all like when that normally happens.

This was something else, something more.

I was sitting on the deck of a ship, and the ship was sailing upon a peaceful calm ocean. The sky was clear, and indescribable. The ocean itself was an incredible golden hue that was absolutely brilliant to behold. Yet the radiance never hurt, never bothered my eyes, the more I looked at it, the more I could look at it. There was not a wave to be seen, and the ship floated effortlessly forward gently sailing upon a calm warm breeze. There was no fear. There was no pain. There were no urgencies pressing me to do something. There was no anger, no malice, no sorrow. Here there was only peace and calm, a peace I have not felt ever before. There were no expectations, no hesitancy, no need, here things just were. They were as they should be, here they were as they will always be. Here there was nothing more to be done. The entire time I never felt alone, there was an arm around my shoulder. No words were ever spoken, they didn’t need to be. Here was peace.