Game Day Followup…

I’m up, I’m awake, I’m still tired…

Game day was a lot of fun. Thak you again to Carl, and Julie for thier hosting. I think everyone had a good time, and we even managed to play a few games this time. 🙂

After eating it was decided that rather than slip into food coma… we would all go to Toys-R-Us to purchase a Bop-It. At one of the pre-game day partys we all got to playing with a Bop-It and it seemed like a fun thing to ressurect.
Game 1: Bop-It Extreme

After the Bop-it lost our attention Nikki suggested we play the newly acquired game “Dread Pirate“. I’ve read some reviews online and it gets mixed reviews. Some people complain theres no real strategy to it, but that didn’t seem to matter to it. In addition to us getting to be all silly and piratical , it includes a lot of pirate history, always a plus. All in all it’s just a fun game to play. About thirty minutes before we finished Maggie and her fiance Dave arrived and they took up the Bop-It to entertain themselves while we finished up. In the end the whipping boy of the game, Maka, ended up winning with twice as much teasure as as any of the rest of us.
Game 2: Dread Pirate

After Dread Pirate was over, we talked a bit mor,e and noone was really ready to leave yet. Maggie then suggested we try out Guesstures. It turned out to be a great success. We boke up into two teams, Men -vs- Women. Half way through the game we discovered that the guys team had been slightly handicapped. In the game there are two colors of cards, red and blue… We just assumed they were seperate cards for seperate teams. I turns out the red cards are worth more, than the blue cards. Thankfully when we noticed it the guys were only down by 3 points. We switched to the red cards at that point and the game proceeded. In the end the guys pulled it off and won the game.
Game 3: Guesstures

After Guesstures was over we called it a night and everyone went home.


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  1. Oppps… I didn’t even realized I did that.. 🙂 Sorry… Heck, w/o you we wouldn’t have done so well as it was…

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