St Louis Renaissance Faire – Opening Weekend

I think I have survived openeing weekend. My calf muscles will argue that point with me for a few days I’m sure. I really haven’t slept well in the hotel thoguh, which I suppose isn’t a compleete surprise. Overall I had a pretty good time thoguh.

This weekends photos are posted in my St Louis 2006 Gallery

Highlights of the weekend:

  • The moth coming out of it’s cocoon and then riding on the King.
  • Seeing Juli’s shop do well.
  • Being “Shop Ogre” and dispatching the pesty giant furry spiders with my axe, my dagger, and my foot.
  • Being “pressed” into tape wench service once more (thanks Bill), and getting the entire pub sing audience laughing. (I just can’t help myself)
  • Stalking Bounding Main for their shows and being the “seed” audience.
  • Getting recognized by a number of cast, and even a few mundane patrons. (“Hey look it’s that 4 guy!!!”)

2 thoughts on “St Louis Renaissance Faire – Opening Weekend

  1. Was that the Jolly Rogers?
    (and on a side note, Once More With Feeling is an awesome soundtrack. I am such a geek!)

  2. Yep, it was the Jolly Rogers 🙂 One of the Sunday sets included an impromptu “pirate off” between Gina, and a few of the Jolly Rogers… I think Gina won…

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