Yard Work

This morning after the thunderstorm passed, I managed to get outside and actually do some yard work that needed to be done.  I worked off and on until Karl arrived around 1:30. Then he helped me finish up a couple things.  One of the more impromptu items was the removal of a diseased tree to one side of the sidewalk.  The tree was very sickly looking and had a lot of dead branches.  (A good half of it was torn down in an ice storm two years ago and it never really recovered)   I walked up to it and grabbed the trunk and and gave it a good shove. When I did I felt and heard a pop and a crack, so I pulled the opposite direction and felt a few more telling pops.  At that I grabbed on to it firmly with both hands, and ripped it right out of the ground at the root base.  Karl had a pretty priceless look on his face as I carried the tree to the rubbish pile and layed it down.  He then helped me take out the other trunk (all together it had been four seperate trunks )
“I wish I had my camera…”

“What?  Isn’t that how you take out trees?”

“Uhhhh… Nooo…”

“Huh, well it seemed easier to me than getting out a saw…”

At that he helped me take out one of the other sections in a simmilar fashion. 🙂 Some times it’s good to be the ‘shop ogre’ 😉