Very Early Notice

Ok, I realise this is insanly early notice, but hey this way there should be no excuses…  I just got email from Bryan Bowers regarding the concert he usually does in Warrenville at the Folk-Lore Center around Thanksgiving.  In the last email I recieved from him he told me that this year it will not be around Thanksgiving, but he would still be performing.  Todays e-mail puts the concert at Friday, January 19th.  So mark your calendars.  This is a small venue, so once the order form on thier site is updated, put your reservation in early. I have attended his performances there the past two years and have reallly enjoyed them.

Oh and if you want something more immediate to check out the venue, Kat Eggelston will be there tomorrow night.  I’ll be out of town, but I expect that to be a good show as well.


CSS aka Cantankerous Spawn of Satan

This week I ahve been working on migrating the photo gallery at work to the latest and greatest version of “gallery”. The photo gallery software I used for my home gallery.  The home gallery wasnt to big of a deal becasue I don’t really care if it doesnt look exactly like it used to. Work on the other hand is a different story.  I really want it to look as if it belongs in the library website.   I sat down and started learnign their API and started developing a theme that should mimik the site layout for the library.  While working on that I discovered I woudl also have to learn their plugin API to add in the library menu properly so that future upgrades would not be a problem.  Afer a little hair pulling and a LOT of code deciphering I succeded in adding in the library menu tree as a plugin module.  I even got a little carried away and added configuration options into the gallery site admin page.   Once that was done and I had a working menu, I discovered that the CSS is still not right and my fonts and list indents and bullets are all missing.  They are all being overridden SOMEWHERE in the gallery theme. somewhere i have yet to find.   I have the horrible feeling that i will end up spending two to three times the amount of time I spent on writing the plugin and learning to API, to debug the stupid CSS.

CSS is EVIL!!!


I post a lot of complaining, and grumbling on here.  It has occured to me that for all the complaining I do about certain aspects of my life, I very rarely ever show any gratitude on here for the good things.

To all of my friends who put up with all my griping, and are always offering me support, friendship, and love; from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
I just thought it needed to be said, I probably don’t  say it enough eitehr. I work on remidying that.

There is a signpost up ahead…

I give up… Where are you hiding at Rod Serling?  I know you are around here somewhere waiting to step out from behind a corner or something to explain how I’ve somehow entered the Twilight Zone.

Today, I wandered through the computer lab as a shortcut.  I NEVER go in the lab so noone there should have any clue who I am, or what I do.  Least of all no one should approach me for help.  That might be the case in other realities, with other people, but apparently not in my reality… As I was just walking out the door to leave the building I became aware of someone running up behind me. I turned to come face to face with a midle-aged student.

“Can I ask you a quick question?”

“Sure…”, I responded cheerfuly while wondering in my head why the heck this keeps happening everywhere I go…

A very confused look came across her face, “Uh.. Wait… You’re not an instructor or anything… never mind…”

The expression on her face turned to one of uter confusion as she turned around and walked away. I can only assume she was trying to figure out why she came running after me…  I almost went back to  her to see if I could help anyway, but I know if I open that door in the lab I’ll ruffle a number of feathers on campus.  It’s just funny to me that she picked me and not my co-worker who was standing right next to me.  I’m beginning to wonder if its the beard or something… Do I just look the part of a professor?  Do I need a tweed jacket and pipe next?

Yup again…

So, today around 3 pm I recieved an email from my mail server.  It seems the automated hourly backup failed.   I SSHed in, and looked and it was having trouble writing to the backup drive on the file server.  I paused to pick my heart up out of my shoe again…  I then SSHed into the fiel server, and did a drive list of the volume on the backup drive.  Everything was scrambled and unusable except the directory the mail backup had transferred to.  I checked the partition type with fdisk,and it now read FAT32.   HUH!?!?!?!?

I tried switching the type back to linux, but it was a lost cause…  I have NO idea what could have triggered it to revert to a fat32 partition type.   I swear I live on some sort of odd convergence of magnetic fields or something.   I have NEVER known anyone else to have so many bizzare HDD related issues.   I think my next “toy” is going to have to be a gauss meter.
Oh, guess how much data I lost this time…

Nothing really…  All the music files were on there, but they are ALL on my ipod and I think I can retrieve them from it w/o much effort.


Ok, library was dead…  No one here at all, hasn’t been all morning…  Its a dead week on campus anyway…  I walk out to the desk to check something in the circulation system…  45 seconds later I hear the all to fammiliar sound of someone walking through the gate… he proceded to walk to the desk… “Where is the internet?”

I mean really…  All I needed was a minute at the desk to check the status of something… Nope… I stand there they come…  My co-worker at circ just sat there shaking her head laughing…  I swear it’s some Trumanesque  thing going on in my life…  Now where are those cameras…

Because one is never enough…

Well today I was again on my way home from Bristol when I looked out the window and saw another rainbow. I just chuckled to myself and grabed the camera again. I have but one word for you… GEEK!!! 😉


This one wasn’t as pronounced, and was a lot harder to photograph, but still it’s there…