In my previous post I wrote a letter to Death telling him to take a holiday.   The reason for the post was that I discovered today that one of my co-workers, and someone I consider a friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  From what I have been told, it is fairly far along and there is nothing that can be done.  My uncle died from the same type of cancer many years ago and through the worst of it he stayed here in our house. Because of that I have a pretty good idea what will happen with this co-worker and I just don’t want to think about it.  They have asked for no phone calls, or visitors. Cards are ok, and I do intend to send him one.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of a card one sends in this case… I am leaning towards something with a bit of a biting sense of humor, as that fits him well.

I swear he used to come up to the library just to give us a hard time. 🙂   Of course I gave it right back to him too.   That was the way it worked…  He would come up to fix a problem, make some comment about me trying to make more work for him, I’d kid him back about someone having to keep him employed, and then we would both laugh over it. He would then tell a story or two about his family, his past, or whatever was on his mind in local politics, then go on about doing whatever he was supposed to be doing.

He was just another of those bright spots in the day that kept people from getting to serious.  He will definitly be missed.


Something Rotten

Ok, just in case anyone tries to send me mail to home, somethign has goen wonky with my domain. and all mail sent to the house gets bounced saying doesnt exist.

I have contacted the DNS peopel and asked tehm to look into it.  Until that time thgouh Things are going to be a bit strange I suspect.

If anyone tried to email me, send to my work email address for now…   that address is

j//ohlers  at //

(note, the above is spelled out using slashes to avoid more spam…)

Port Washington Pirate Fest – Part 3

After disembarking from the ship I met up with Carl, Julie, Jen, Heidi, Bob, and Jenn. I also met up again with Dave’s parents. (I had been speaking with Lin, and Jerry at the 1st Bounding Main show of the day before I got onboard the ship.) We then all sat and watched Bounding Main’s next performance together. It was a good show as usuall, full of all sorts of sillyness that just really draws in the audience. After the show we all began wandering through the festival. The rest of that day for me was spent hopping from show to show, and wandering around talking with Heidi, and Jen, or Maggie and her fieancee Dave.

At one point I decided to get some water, and a brat for lunch. At faire, or any other festival liek this I always pay for small dollar amout items using the Sacagawea or Susan B. Anthony coins. Doing so always seems to add a touch more fun to the day. Saturday was no exception. Apparently people in Port Washington do not get out much. My lunch bill came to $5.50. I handed the girl six gold coins. She held them in her hand staring at them as if I had just handed her a handful of marbles. She picked each one up, one by one, examined them, turned them over, looked at them more, stared at me, looked at the coins again, stared at me, then finally she turned to a co-worker and said, “How do I make change for these?” It was all I could do to keep from laughing. The co-worker informed her that they were indeed the same as a regular dollar bill and it would still be fifty cents change. I walked away to the condiments table where I proceded to laugh my ass off.
As the day drew closer to an end we found Carl and Julie again and finished off the day all of us together. By this time Carl was now the color of a radioactive tomato in spots. Poor guy. We all decided to get dinner after the fest and so Jen suggested “Pasta Shoppe”, her favorite resturaunt in the area. We invited Bounding Main, and then to kill time until the reservations were ready we decided to walk out to the lighthouse. That didn’t exactly work out as planned, we took the path on one of the breakwalls; a path we had thought joined with the path to the light house, it didn’t.
So we turned around and
headed back all the way commenting on our new status as lemmings.

By the time we got back we were within a half an hours time for the dinner reservations, and Jen wanted to change out of her garb. I had planned on doing the same, but my car was on the opposite end of the park from where we were and so I decided to not worry about it. When we showed up at the resturaunt they seemed rather perplexed at our, ok Heidi, and I’s, appearance. You could definitly tell that they don’t get many people in there in any form of costume. Jen took over the womans restroom to change, and before she was done had a line formed. Rather than continue to annoy the people inside the resturaunt while waiting for Bounding Main to show, and our table to be ready, we moved back outside to a seating area in front of the Pasta Shoppe.
As we sat and waited the local got ever more restless, and every few cars that drove by had someone in them who would roll down their window and shout “ARRRRRRRR” at us. We ignored them for the most part and continued to talk, and wait for Bounding Main and our reservations.

More later…