In my previous post I wrote a letter to Death telling him to take a holiday.   The reason for the post was that I discovered today that one of my co-workers, and someone I consider a friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  From what I have been told, it is fairly far along and there is nothing that can be done.  My uncle died from the same type of cancer many years ago and through the worst of it he stayed here in our house. Because of that I have a pretty good idea what will happen with this co-worker and I just don’t want to think about it.  They have asked for no phone calls, or visitors. Cards are ok, and I do intend to send him one.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of a card one sends in this case… I am leaning towards something with a bit of a biting sense of humor, as that fits him well.

I swear he used to come up to the library just to give us a hard time. 🙂   Of course I gave it right back to him too.   That was the way it worked…  He would come up to fix a problem, make some comment about me trying to make more work for him, I’d kid him back about someone having to keep him employed, and then we would both laugh over it. He would then tell a story or two about his family, his past, or whatever was on his mind in local politics, then go on about doing whatever he was supposed to be doing.

He was just another of those bright spots in the day that kept people from getting to serious.  He will definitly be missed.