Prairie Home Companion

After work tonight I went to the movies with Christopher, and Zack after some debate we decided to see Prairie Home Companion.   WOW!  I’m glad we did.   It was a GREAT movie.  Zack, who had never heard of the radio show at all seeme dot enjoy it.  I loved it.   Kevin Kline did a great job I thoght, and Meryl Streep and Lilly Tomlin were brilliant together.

I’m not going to say much more, but this is definitly a movie I woudl LOVE to get the whole group together to go see it.   I personally coudl watch it at least 2 more times.

I know everyones schedules are getting tight with BAPA and all, but anyone interested in trying for a group movie night?



So, there hasn’t been more than 5 or 6 peopel in the library all day.  I walk out to the desk to talk and waste some time for the end of the day on a friday in between semesters.

While I was out there for no more than 15 minutes…

I helped four patrons in person,  and took two phone calls…

I don’t get it.