Bristlecone Pine

Wow!  After looking, and hoping forever that Bryan Bowers would release his new CD and maybe just maybe include Bristlecone Pine on it, I discovered today that it is now out.   Not only is the new CD out, but it is titled “Bristlecone Pine”.   I have already placed my order and am looking forward to its arrival.    Checking the track list I discovered that it also contains another song that he performs that haunts me from time to time.    He performed it the first year that Dave and I went to see him in Warrenville. The song is titled “Soul of man”.  I posted a rough part of the chorus on here in one of my posts immeditaly following Daves passing.  It is one that Bryan always encourages everyone to sing along to on the chorus, and of course Dave and I always did.   It will be nice to have it to listen to even if it will always seem to me that it is missing a voice.

Bryan Bowers - Bristlecone Pine

I highly reccomend anyone who enjoys any folk music of any kind to check this and Bryans other albums out, he is an incredible Hutoharpist, Stoyteller, and all around great entertainer.

His new and greatly improved website is at: