It’s hard to believe it, but it’s now been two months tonight, since Dave’s accident.   I still really can’t  believe it.  I still miss him in some way shape or form every day.  With help I’ve been slowly moving forward.  It’s not easy, and I know the pain will never be gone completely.  I keep seeing things, and hearing things finding myself absent mindedly thinking, “Oh can’t wait to tell Dave… oh… crap…”

Tonight I finally went to the house with his parents.  It’s hard to believe how many things triggered so many memories. Even silly things like computer case screws laying on his desk triggered flashes of memory.  Everywhere I looked, I saw Dave; everything I touched I felt Dave.  There were so many little reminders…  Sigh…


Honest, intelligent, and nice technical support

I just had the most amazing experience with technical support ever.    I finally decided to call the cable company and complain about the service problems with the cable modem.  At first when I called I expected the worst.  I was greeted by an irritating auto attendant phone tree that had me figuring that I woudl be lost forever in the bowels of phone hell.   After a few trys I managed to get to the tech support for cable modem and internet connectivity.

I was greeted by a very polite person named “Mike”.  He asked my name, and a few account details. After I told him my name, he politly asked “May I call you John, Mr Wohlers?” I was a bit shocked that he would ask 1st, and then agreed to it.   After that I explained that I was at work and didn’t have all my account info with me.  He calmly responded with “Thats ok, I think we have enough, the last peice is for security and will only be nessisary if we ned to change certain parts of your account.  Lets see what we can do for you first before we see if we need that information at all.”  I was shocked.

I calmly explained that last week we had an outage before I left for work, and that I noticed they had been working on my block when I left for work. I also explained that when I returned there was a new junction box down the street from my house, and ever since then the connection has been very spotty.  Mike then responded “Oh yes. There’s trouble in that neighborhood right now. They are working on it so thats is almost definitly the cause.” “Oh good, so they do know about it”, I responded.  “They have asked us to open tickets for everyone that calls just to get a measure of the size of the problem.” “Oh… ok thats fine.”   “It’s going to end up in July just because of the number of calls we have gotten.”  “July?…”   “Yes, well its probably not goign to even be needed but this way it is on the books.” “Oh, yeah… so bascially if they fix it for the 1st person on the list its probably going to fix it for everyone.” “I can’t offically say that, but  that would make sense.”  “Got it, ok go for it.”   “Ok John, Ihave July 7th form 8-12, hows that?”  “I guess I can take that day off.”  “Again, you probably won’t even need to, and you can call in and cancel the call any time.”  “Oh ok, great”  “All you will need is this ticket number, and there is an option on the phone tree to enter it and cancel it, or you can also speak to a service rep and tehy can do it as well.”   “Oh ok, thank you Mike, have a great day!”

I made it a point to wait on the line for the survey and gave him the highest raing they had.

I am very impressed… In fact I think I will email the company too.