There is a signpost up ahead…

I give up… Where are you hiding at Rod Serling?  I know you are around here somewhere waiting to step out from behind a corner or something to explain how I’ve somehow entered the Twilight Zone.

Today, I wandered through the computer lab as a shortcut.  I NEVER go in the lab so noone there should have any clue who I am, or what I do.  Least of all no one should approach me for help.  That might be the case in other realities, with other people, but apparently not in my reality… As I was just walking out the door to leave the building I became aware of someone running up behind me. I turned to come face to face with a midle-aged student.

“Can I ask you a quick question?”

“Sure…”, I responded cheerfuly while wondering in my head why the heck this keeps happening everywhere I go…

A very confused look came across her face, “Uh.. Wait… You’re not an instructor or anything… never mind…”

The expression on her face turned to one of uter confusion as she turned around and walked away. I can only assume she was trying to figure out why she came running after me…  I almost went back to  her to see if I could help anyway, but I know if I open that door in the lab I’ll ruffle a number of feathers on campus.  It’s just funny to me that she picked me and not my co-worker who was standing right next to me.  I’m beginning to wonder if its the beard or something… Do I just look the part of a professor?  Do I need a tweed jacket and pipe next?