CSS aka Cantankerous Spawn of Satan

This week I ahve been working on migrating the photo gallery at work to the latest and greatest version of “gallery”. The photo gallery software I used for my home gallery.  The home gallery wasnt to big of a deal becasue I don’t really care if it doesnt look exactly like it used to. Work on the other hand is a different story.  I really want it to look as if it belongs in the library website.   I sat down and started learnign their API and started developing a theme that should mimik the site layout for the library.  While working on that I discovered I woudl also have to learn their plugin API to add in the library menu properly so that future upgrades would not be a problem.  Afer a little hair pulling and a LOT of code deciphering I succeded in adding in the library menu tree as a plugin module.  I even got a little carried away and added configuration options into the gallery site admin page.   Once that was done and I had a working menu, I discovered that the CSS is still not right and my fonts and list indents and bullets are all missing.  They are all being overridden SOMEWHERE in the gallery theme. somewhere i have yet to find.   I have the horrible feeling that i will end up spending two to three times the amount of time I spent on writing the plugin and learning to API, to debug the stupid CSS.

CSS is EVIL!!!