Very Early Notice

Ok, I realise this is insanly early notice, but hey this way there should be no excuses…  I just got email from Bryan Bowers regarding the concert he usually does in Warrenville at the Folk-Lore Center around Thanksgiving.  In the last email I recieved from him he told me that this year it will not be around Thanksgiving, but he would still be performing.  Todays e-mail puts the concert at Friday, January 19th.  So mark your calendars.  This is a small venue, so once the order form on thier site is updated, put your reservation in early. I have attended his performances there the past two years and have reallly enjoyed them.

Oh and if you want something more immediate to check out the venue, Kat Eggelston will be there tomorrow night.  I’ll be out of town, but I expect that to be a good show as well.