On a stormy night…

I don’t know if it was the storm, or stress or what but man what a night.   I don’t normally recall any dreams if I even have them but when I do there is usually a reason. Usually.   Last night I drempt off and on all night.  They weren’t particularly intersting dreams or anything, most of them had to do with my grade school library.  For some reason at one point I was going through things in an office that doesn’t actaully exist, that I’ve never seen before.  As I was rummaging through the office, I came across one of slide things for the old System-80 machines. I also found a very sleek looking  3.5 inch external floppy drive for an apple ][  that I recognised immediatly. That particular drive had always been in the librarians office on shelf on the wall.   At that point someone I supposedly knew but couldn’t recognise because she kept jsut out of my line of sight came into the non-existant office and was commenting on how she hadn’t seen me in years.  We talked for a while and laughed about a few things, (I can’t remember what) and then she left.
Later I was somehow trying to convince the colleges CIO to donate our old P.C.s to this same library to replace their 386 pc’s (that they never had, at least while I was there anyway) because they tried installing windows XP on them and networking them and couldn’t.    On the wall where one of the shelves should have been was an enormous wall plate with around 30 orange  ethernet jacks in it (yes, when i dream it’s in color).  At that point I got tired of trying to convince the CIO to do this so I looked up at the exit sign over the door with its slightly burnt red gel and woke myself up.

I guess as far as dreams go for me this one wasn’t to bad.   Oh well, time to get to work learning about mod_perl.