Note to self…

Note to self:  When the phone rings at 2 a.m. do not answer it.

This call was my aunt, who was moved back to a nursing home Sunday (different place, much newer, and apparently nicer), calling to ask me to bring her her oxygen hose from home when I get a chance today.   Or at least I think that’s what she was asking, frankly it was 2 a.m. on a  Sunday after faire and I wasn’t all that coherent.  She could well have told me that “Nazi pengins were invading Saskatchewan in clown cars” and I would have had much the same response of “Ugghhh.. Uh.. Huh… mmmm… ughh…”


mod_perl update

I didn’t get a chance to post any progress reports on my mod_perl experiments.  Friday at 4:20 I managed to perform a succesful single sign on to our catalog thanks to mod_perl.    I need to do some clean up, and a little optimization probably but so far it really works.

It may be a bit round about, but the over all gist is this:

If you have logged in on our site to any of the existing Cold Fusion, or PHP based login required areas, the user credentials are stored within the php session.  (Yes, I have PHP sharing data back and forth in cold fusions session space)

Later when a request comes in to the catalog mod_perl does a quick read of the PHP session space via SOAP to check to see if the user has previously logged in, if they have and their session has not expired, perl sets the environment variable needed by the catalog and the catalog acts as if the user has logged in on it as well.

I’ll definitly have to do some checking for security flaws, but I don’t think it should be vulnerable to any form of attack.  Communication between PHP and Perl is internal, as is the communication from perl to the environment space.   There isn’t anything that has any contact with the user at all except the session id for PHP, and that I am doing validity tests on.

Tired… Content…

I’m back at the house safe.  The drive was mostly uneventfull, I was nearly ran over by an edys ice cream truck, but you know, if you have to be killed by a semi… What better semi to be killed by than one loaded with ice cream…

I’ll post bristol notes tomorrow… ok, later today since its past midnight.