Have key… Will move in…

Now that miryia has posession of Sonjas key to our house… shes i moving in.. i come home and shes here…  i go to do laundry.. shes doing her laundry…  she walked into the living room where i was sitting trying not to think about it… “we are staying the night, we have no power”

“why not?”

“Becasue i didnt pay the bill… __insert big long stupid ass excuse here___”

“Whatever miryia… ”

“I’m just saying…”


Sarah Mullen and Michi Regier

This weekend Michi Regier handed me a flyer for a show she and Sarah Mullen are doing.  I think it might be a pretty cool show to catch.

Show dates / Locations are:

Friday, Aug  25 – McAuliffe’s Pub (Time TBA)
3700 Meacham Road – Racine, WI 53405   (262) 554-9695

Thursday, August  31 – Bill’s Blues – 7 p.m.
1029 Davis St. – Evenston, IL 60201 (847) 424-9800