Dave Day

Happy Dave day to one and all.

It may seem a little strange to some to celebrate Dave day still, w/o Dave but I think for all of us who did it is extreemly important.  I’m quite certain Dave approves of it as well.  ?He pretty much told us so today.

We had just been discussing some of the odd events that people had experienced after Dave passed when out of nowhere, the sky clouded over and the temp dropped about 15 degrees.  Then we were hit with a nice cool rain for a few minutes.   When the rain passed we happend to look up in the sky to the east of the house.   There, a little faint, but still as plain as day was the longest full rainbow I have ever seen in my life.

This was the 1st rainbow his parents have seen since his passing. A number of the rest of his friends, myself included,  have seen them at times when they were really missing Dave.
I think today was quite the appropriate time for it as they finally managed to sell his car today as well.  To me it seemed very much like a “thank you”, and “I love you”.