A/C Maint

I disassembled my A/C for my bedroom, and found that the slot that is suposed to allow the water that develops on the inside coils to drain to the outside was clogged with mud.  There was also a lot of mud in the pan in the back of the unit.  Note to self, clean the unit a little more frequently. This would explain why the water was suddenly draining to the inside of the house instead of the outside.   I cleaned out the mud as best as I could and made a tiny modification to the 1/16″ slot for water to drain, that is I made the slot larger.  I’m hoping this will better allow dirt etc to work its way outside where it shouldn’t clog up the drain as easily.   I think after the heat wave is over I will remove the unit for a longer period of time and see if I can use the air compressor to better clean some areas that I couldn’t reach.