Ouch… Ouch… Ouch…

If I never experience another weekend of faire as hot as this past one it will be to soon.

I was so hot and wet all day that my arms and sides are now chapped raw.   Despite the insane heat, I think for the most part I had a good day.  I got a laugh when a person came up to me and said “Hey, I remember you from last year! You tried to eat me!!! Well actually you refused to eat me because you said I was to little”.  Hello former Seelie Court cabin boy… 🙂  I really can’t remember a lot of details from Saturday.  I know I did parade… I know I got drafed to feed and water nobles becasue Karl was tending to Gabbi.  I know I talked to people…  I know I sat and listened to music…  I know Bobbbbb hosed me down at some point… Other than that though, everything is a melted puddle of crayon in my head.  I think we had like 70 people for dinner too.

Sunday started out very hot before I left Tony and Carries.  By the time I got to Bristol though the sky was black and ominious.  OTB started his pre-gate show to thunder and lightning in the distance.   Then after the gates opened I headed to FOF and got to experience a little of Bristol after dark as the sky began to darken and darken.  Then the temperature dropped 15 degrees in about 2 minutes.   It felt wonderful, I went bouncing off to go play in the rain.   Only problem with that idea was that it never actually rained.  That was probably for the best though.  As raw as I am today under my arms, I would probably have been bleeding by end of day if it had rained.     I stopped and watched the 10:30 MoM show, and then after that wandered off to go check with Thistlecroft to find out when thier big to do was going to happen.   After thistle croft I wandered off some more, missign just and before I knew it it was 12:30.  I joined in on Parade again, had some fun with that.  After parade I again got asked to feed nobles.  After that I grabbed lunch, where I was nearly driven to kill a drunk patron who insisted on chatting with me non stop about my calzone, my fork, and the joust.   Finally his wife and kid returned and rescued me. “OHHH HONEY MY BUDDDDY AND II HERE WEE JUST TALLLKIN ABOUT THE JOUST… HERE THERES MY BOY….. I LOOOUUVEEE YOU SON”. After I ate I wandered over to Thistlecroft and then folloded them down to queens feast.  Once that was done I stopped and watched TJ and Dan practicing with their new lutes. When that was over I headed towards the FOF garden where I ran into Karl who was in search of Gabbi.  It seems she had been given the afternoon off.   I walked a bit with him trying to find her and after that went and sat in the back of the FOF garden in front of the fans to rest a bit.   By the time I cooled of it was nearly time for the FOF salon with Ron Scott Fry so I went over to that.  I expected it to last about an hour or so.  It ended up goign for an hour and fourty five minutes.  It was very interesting though.  When It was over I made my way back to FOF for water, and ran into Jessie Linder who was on his way to the end of the day sing thingy at the ship.  As we headed down there we picked up Cheryl, and Roger and had our own little parade all the way from FOF to the Dreadnaught.  The set was a lot of fun even thgouh we were invaded by a couple of really drunken pirates who kept interjecting commentary during the whole set.  I guess it’s offically a pub sing once you have drunks trying to sing along and regail you with songs of their own creation. After the pub sing I went to gate, and then went to the car and actually changed for dinner.

Dinner was a smaller group this time, we were joined by Craig, two friends of his,  Heath, and Jenny, Roger, Cheryl, and another friend of Nikki’s.  I think we all had a decent time at dinner although Heath seemd like he felt like a fish out of water at times.  (Especially when the waitress told him “you don’t get a check”)

The drive home was pretty uneventful, arrival home presented its own set of challanges.  My AC for my room decided that it woudl no longer drain to the outside of the house and instead dumped water all down the wall, on books, and managed to water damage the drywall in the room below it as well…  yippie…    I  was goign to try to jsut sleep with the air off, but  that proved futile, so I grabbed a small cooler, and a garbage bag and made a “waterslide” down the wall into the cooler to catch teh water from the A/C and keep it from doign any more damage.    I am definitly going to have to get central air.  I can’t even begin to imagine that cost.   The furnace wil have to be replaced, ducting will have to be run, oh joy…  Depending on the cost, for A/C this may have to be my last weekend of Bristol…