Week 8 is over…

Oh my, it’s almost impossible for me to believe that week eight is over. One more weekend left of Bristol.

This ended up being a pretty good weekend really.  Saturday I was beign followed for a documentary and so I had a camera on me off and on most of the day.  I’m hoping they actually managed to get some usable footage, and that I wasn’t a complete waist of their time. They did a little more Sunday morning to of the whole parking lot ritual.  I did notice that the presence of the camera ended to draw more cast over to “play” with me this weekend.   Actors are to Cameras as  Moths are to Flames?   Karl and I went on a shopping rampage Saturday and Sunday both.  Saturday I bought 8 pounds of scrap leather.  Hey they were having a sale… what can I say…  I think I may have to get more this coming weekend as I had an idea today on the way into work for what I’m goign to do with some of it.   (I’m thinking possibly a patchwork leather garment of some sort for Camelot. I’m going to have to look at the more medieval style clothes to figure out what would be appropriate… Ok, to many time perids anymore 😉 )

Sunday Chris, Stacey, and Abby came up  for a visit.  I spend most of the day with them until they left around 2:30.  We hit a few shows, did some random shopping… watched the fantasticals, and then went down to the vegatable justice booth.  I like to hit that area at least once a year just to listen to the guy in the booth harras poeple.  Stacey convinced Chris to take a few tosses at him…  When Chris got up there Veggi guy started razzing him about golfing, and washing his bosses balls…  Just then the kid next to Chris came close to hitting the guy, and so as the guy was distracted by that shot Chris pitched a shot right directly onto the guys forehead.  {TWACK}  I actually saw the guy recoil from the impact. (Have I mentioned Chris was a pitcher… hehehe…)  Veggi dude then dissapeared back into the box for a second or two.   When he re-appeared Chris let another one fly that barely missed his head again.  The third pitch again beand the guy hard in the head and sent the crowd into a frenzy.  Veggi guy then hid in the box holding up props instead of putting himself in the line of fire again.  🙂

Later in the afternoon Karl and I got to spend some time hanging out, shopping, and playing with random patrons.  That went pretty well and we both had a great time with it.  It’s so much easier to play around with people when you have someone to work with.  I still don’t think I woudl ever join cast, but I don’t mind playing around like Karl and I did.

Saturday and Sunday’s 4:00 starboard watch show featured a massive shanty sing out.  They invited all teh maritime patrons, and cast to join in and we had quite the group going.  It was a blast.

Overall this ended up being one of if not the best weekend of the run for me.


Song in my head

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done this but today seemed appropriate. Right now I have a song stuck in my head, yes i know the tricks to remove it but don’t really care to, and I thought well… why not share… Muahahhhha
It’s another shanty, big surprise…

One More Day

Oh, have you heard the news, me Johnny

One more day

We’re homeward bound tomorrow Johnny

One more day
Only one more day, me Johnny
One more day
Oh, rock and roll me over
One more day

Don’t you hear the old man growlin’
Don’t you hear the mate a howlin’

Don’t you hear the caps’n pawlin’
Don’t you hear the pilot bawlin’

Only one more day a-howlin’
Can’t you hear the gals a-callin’

Only one more day a-rollin’
Can’t you hear the gulls a-callin’

Only one more day a-furlin’
Only one more day a-cursin’

Oh, heave and sight the anchor, Johnny
For we’re close aboard the port, Johnny

Only one more day for Johnny
And your pay-day’s nearly due, Johnny

Then put out your long-tail blue, Johnny
Make your port and take your pay, Johnny

Only one more day a-pumpin’, Johnny
Only one more day a-bracin’, Johnny

Oh, we’re homeward bound today, Johnny
We’ll leave her without sorrow, Johnny

Pack your bags today me Johnny
Oh, an’ leave her where she lies, Johnny

Only one more day a-workin’, Johnny
Oh, come rock ‘n’ roll me over
No more gales or heavy weather
Only one more day together