I escaped from the Dungeon of Cap60552!

I killed Lifeonwry the leprechaun, Ballestra the nymph, Seeliejon the orc, Cmaka the gelatinous cube and Purplepyro911 the leprechaun.

I looted  the Dagger of Williamnilly, the Shield of Kilted Behemoth, the Shield of Docz42, the Armour of Cameracarl, a Figurine of Sirguido, the Axe of Ladymalai, the Dagger of Mindfreaky, the Wand of Celtic Music and 146 gold pieces.

Score: 196

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Drives back

My warranty replacement drive has arrived.  It is actually a better model, that also includes the firewire interface.  I followed their return directions exactly, and now I have parts left over form the old drive that do not fit this drive.  Oh well.  I did end up with a new firewire cable, and an additional USB cable in the deal.  Also this drive has fancy blue LEDs and anything with blue LEDs is automatically cool. 🙂

The drive is formatted, and installed and I setaside and area on it for using it for an additional backup device.  So now all important data is now backed up to 2 seperate external drives again.  Both drives are in a cool room, and both drives are powered off a UPS. Here’s hoping for long data life.