Song in my head

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done this but today seemed appropriate. Right now I have a song stuck in my head, yes i know the tricks to remove it but don’t really care to, and I thought well… why not share… Muahahhhha
It’s another shanty, big surprise…

One More Day

Oh, have you heard the news, me Johnny

One more day

We’re homeward bound tomorrow Johnny

One more day
Only one more day, me Johnny
One more day
Oh, rock and roll me over
One more day

Don’t you hear the old man growlin’
Don’t you hear the mate a howlin’

Don’t you hear the caps’n pawlin’
Don’t you hear the pilot bawlin’

Only one more day a-howlin’
Can’t you hear the gals a-callin’

Only one more day a-rollin’
Can’t you hear the gulls a-callin’

Only one more day a-furlin’
Only one more day a-cursin’

Oh, heave and sight the anchor, Johnny
For we’re close aboard the port, Johnny

Only one more day for Johnny
And your pay-day’s nearly due, Johnny

Then put out your long-tail blue, Johnny
Make your port and take your pay, Johnny

Only one more day a-pumpin’, Johnny
Only one more day a-bracin’, Johnny

Oh, we’re homeward bound today, Johnny
We’ll leave her without sorrow, Johnny

Pack your bags today me Johnny
Oh, an’ leave her where she lies, Johnny

Only one more day a-workin’, Johnny
Oh, come rock ‘n’ roll me over
No more gales or heavy weather
Only one more day together