Happy Birthday!

I’d like to take a moment out of the daily insanity to wish my friend OTB a VERY happy birthday. I hope it is a wonderful day filled with happiness and cake. (Afterall I’ve been told countless times by my co-workers that birthday cake is free from calories, and if there is anything they say I want to believe it’s that one!)


Quotes & Arguments

Old second can’t run without the toy on the porch. I’ll die if i have the oxygen on! But they took the IV I see the paper copy. You know Old Second runs first, its a 20. But they all end in threes, none of the banks end in three.

“I don’t want to go with you!”  “Why not Sonja” “Because you won’t believe me that old second ate the rice and my other veggies!!!” “Sonja, so the old second bank ate your rice and veggies?”  “YES!!! Why won’t you believe me” “Sonja, do you know what old second is?”  “Yes, its a physical location!” “Ok, well its a place of business, that is a location yes, so what you are saying is that a place, a physical location ate your rice and veggies” “YES!!! EXACTLY!!!”  “Sonja, I sat here and watched you eat your rice and veggies and chicken, remember I cut your chicken up for you?”  “EXACTLY!!! Old second ate my rice and other veggies”


This weekend probably was the worst weekend I’ve ever had at faire.  Of course I realize that most of it was my own doing especially on Saturday.  I just didn’t really enjoy myself.  I spent a lot of the weekend feeling very disconnected and very loney.  I haven’t felt that way at faire… well… really… ever…   I don’t know if it was all the events of the week, or what that just had me in a real funk.  Sunday was a little better, I made it point to try to force myself to not get to down.  It somewhat worked, and the day was ok most of the time.  It had some rocky times to it but over all it was a semi-decent day.   The real surprise to me was that when walking in on Sunday Moonie and I talked a bit, and he commented on having noticed I seemed to be having a rough day Saturday.  It surprizes me only because I don’t recall really seeing him or talking to him at all.  Go figure.