Saturdays Shopping

Yesterday, before the party, I met up with at o library in bollingbrook for a presentation on the King Tut art exhibit.   Afterwards he and I had lunch and then hung out for a while. Quite a while 🙂

1st we headed over to Hobby Lobby and looked around at the various things they had.  We got a few ideas on some projects to try.  I also finally found a chain I can live with to hold my aquataine.  It will be nice to have it again, although I’m pretty much completely out of practice using it.
After we spent a good hour or so in hobby lobby we decided that since Jo-Ann fabrics was right around the corner that we should probably stop in there as well. 🙂   We wantered Jo-Ann for quite a while as well.  We found leather needles for the sewing machine so we might actually be able to use tha machine to sew some of the leather we bought.   We also decided to see what the machiens there could do.  I ran out to the car and grabbed some scrap leather and let the woman give it a shot.  Their regular machines had no problem sewing it.  We then decided to convince her to try out the ebrodiery machine on the leather.  It has settign for the leather. It also seemed to be able to stitch ok, but it didn’t keep the pattern right.  We are not sure if it was because we could get it in the hoop or if the machine just went a little crazy.

After playing around in JoAnn we decided to call it a day.  Well that was the origianl plan.  But while we were in the parking lot we got to tlaking and spend another half hour or so there talking and watching the airplanes land.  It was nice to have some time to jsut hang out and relax, with no real plan or requirements for what we were going to do.   I need to do more of that I think.


Pirate Birthday Party Summary

Over all I had a pretty good time at the party last night. I was glad to see tha Uncle-Ho and His wife were there.  That gave me a couple more people that I know to talk with.   I arrived around 7:50, thanks to the GPS unit decideing to send me the long way.   I had other directions from the area I was starting out from but I couldn’t find them until after I gave up and followed the GPS.

There was a pretty nice bonfire, good food, and for most of the time cheerful people. As the night progressed Miek and Liz got into it a few times, I really don’t know them but I assume by everyone elses reactiones that it is standard behavior for them.   When I first showed up I was one of 5 or so in garb but after I showed up some others went and changed and a few other people showed up in garb too so I didn’t feel to out of place.  At about 11 or so Paul and I and someone else whos name I forget at the moment were talking about shanties… and Paul grabbed us and dragged us over by the fire and we jsut started in on a bunch of them.  We sang a wide variety of shanties till about midnight and had a pretty good time at it. By the time we broke off there were about six of us alltogether.
At that point I decided I was turning into a pumpkin and needed to head back home.  I don’t remember much of the drive so I know I was pretty tired.