A post!

Well it has been a while since I wrote anything on here.  There’s a number of reasons for that.   Honestly, they are not likely the reasons you are thinking.

Anyway, this weekend was a great weekend.  I really had a good time at Stronghold both days.  Saturday’s highlights included shows such as “Who’s time is it anyway”, and Shakespeare on the fly”.  They really put together some good shows, and it was really good to see some of the former regular cast of Bristol again.

While wandering the ground early on, I ran into Paul and Denisa and Bob, then a few of the rest of the crew showed up too.  We wandered for a bit then later met up in the back by the big fire pit.  There we all ran through a few sea shanties.  I had a great time with that.  I’d been missing doing that.
Then there was the time spent with Karl and Gabbi, Chris, and Ray.  It was really nice being able to hang out with all my friends again.  In the afternoon, Chris, Ray, Kirk, and I all played Bocce. We played one game every man for himself, and then a game with teams.  I was channeling Lady Ettie and won the solo match with a come from behind victory.  5-4-4-0.  The team game went for quite a while and ended up with Kirk and I winning 15 to 13.
After faire we went for dinner at the Roadhouse.   Funny thing some of the waitstaff rememberd me, and so did the cook!

Sunday later…