We’ll head to some pub to get drunk off our asses…

I think tonight after work I’m going to go find a bar and get drunk… I’m tired of  having people look at me like I’m some sort of loon, or disagree with me when I answer their questions.  I mean really, if you don’t want me to answer, don’t ask me!   Also please explain to me when it became acceptable behavior for someone to pull out a guitar and start playing it in the middle of the library.


Caroling caroling through the snow…

Here’s a completely insane idea that I want to see if anyone else is crazy like me…

I was speaking with

about getting into the holiday spirit, and this is a thought we had:

Get together on Saturday, December 23rd
Watch old Christmas movies
Enjoy holiday snacks (Christmas cookies, Chex mix, cocoa, etc.)
Go Christmas caroling

Yep…I said caroling.

I know that’s just a couple days before Christmas, and it’s normally an insane time, but it could work. Here’s what we would need:

People willing to do it
Someone willing to host it in a neighborhood that we won’t get shot or arrested for going out and singing
Ideally, snow on the ground and a light bit of snow falling (not something we can control, I know)
Song books for the carolers (I can make those easy enough)

Is there anyone out there crazy like me who would want to do this, and better yet, be willing to host? I would offer our place, but Molly has to work on that day, so we’ll be down in Elkhorn until 6ish.

Photo Boxes ROCK

Just a note since I hadn’t really posted anything positive lately.  I stopped in Michaels Crafts Today,and they had a sale on photo boxes.   We have a cornucopia of those horrible “magic stick” photo albums that are supposed to contain photos from god only knows how many eras.  Sadly the “magic” in the “magic stick” seems to been the ability to disappear and every time you pick up an album you dump all the photos on the floor.  Now the photos are getting more organized and taking a LOT less space than the old hodge podge of albums.  WooHoo!