Happy Halloween

Oh man, what a night…  A few technical glitches… GRRRRR… stupid PIR… Grrrr…

Thanks to Christopher, and Zack for coming out and helping to pt on a very enjoyable show.  😀 MUAHAHAHAHHHHAH!!!

We had 347 trick or treaters that made it to the porch.   We also had over 50 that were scared away completely.   Part of me is pretty pleased about that.  Another part of me is a little disturbed by it.  One kid’s family brought him back down after we started tear down so he could see it was all fake, so he would not be so afraid.

Perhaps next year I need to restructure this and do more of a trail through the yard.  That way they can take the optional trail, for the fright, and just walk tot he house for the candy w/o much there to scare them.   The problem with that idea is that I will need more cast.  I’m not sure I can handle it  if I do that.   I would love to be able to expand the graveyard, and my back yard has a cool fence and gate that I could modify easily to give the appearance of a cemetery.  I could then also spread out the effects a bit.  I think I’m starting to get a bit crowded.  The other problem with expanding, is setup time.  Right now, with one person’s help (Thank you again Tony!!!) I can do almost the full setup about 6 hours.   (There is some prep work the day before that lays a lot of the foundation.   )

Oh well, I have a full year to think about it.  Which probably means I’ll put it off until September of next year and jsut stick with the current layout with even more stuff in it.