Latest Purchase

The other day I took Palley shopping. She needed a day off. Well we went to a number of stores in the maul. While in Bombay Company, I found a spyglass on clearance! I couldn’t pass it up.

Spy Glass Spy Glass CollapsedSpy Glass Box


Ugh a bug

Well, I woke up this morning feeling better in some regards.  Other regards, I felt worse, I also had a irritatingly familiar rumble in my chest.   So I decided I better call the Dr. now rather than wait for things to get even worse.

I had to a see a different Dr. than my normal Dr. but thats not necessarily a bad thing.  She took a listen to my lungs, a look in my nose and throat and said I definitly had a bug, and it was looking lie it had potentiall of getting worse in my chest.  She then sat down and looked over my file, and said, “Hmm, Well I see this happens about this time of year ever year, and most of the time we keep seeing you rebound fashion for months till we finally prescript the Z-Pac.  Why don’t we try jumping straight to that this time and see if we cant keep you from having to come back every few weeks this season.” “Thank you! That would be nice!”

So, I’m on the Z-Pac, albuterol, and Mucinex DM.  Lets hope this does the trick.

Oh and she, the nurse, and I were verry happy to see my BP was basically normal.  I’ve honestly been wondering how bad it was considering all the stress.  It’s definitely better than it used to be.   (todays reading:  132 / 80)

My turn?

My turn? I specifically stated that I did NOT want my turn at the flu… NO NO NO  I’m telling you right now NO.   Oh and Theraflu is probably one of the nastyest things I’ve ever drank… Ewww…

As it stands, unless I make a miraculous recovery…  I’m not likely going to the museum tomorrow.  DANG IT, I was looking forward to this too…  Grrr…

Night at the Museum

I just got back from watching “Night at the Museum”.   I can honestly say that I have not laughed at and enjoyed a movie this much in years.   I’m generally not a Ben Stiller fan but I really think he was quite perfect for this role.  Toss in Micky Rooney, Dick Van Dyke, and Bill Cobbs and you really have a great team to play off of each other.   Of course you can’t have a movie as humorous as this without adding Robin Williams, and once again he shows how talented he can be.

Really though, GO SEE IT! It’s a GREAT movie!

Christmas Morning

Palley seemed pleased by her digital camera, and actually seemed to have fun taking pictures with it.  Micheal loved the shirt I got him, and put it on almost immediately after opening everything.  It even looks good on him.   Sonja seemed disinterested in the $50 gift card, “oh a gift card”.  Oh well,  it’s something she can use for her medicine.

Palley got me, a shirt, a pair of pants, my yearly proof set of coins, and a silver set to make up for not getting them last year, and a bunch of socks.  Sonja, and Micheal got me nothing, no surprise, I’m not going to let myself get all that bothered by it.  Anything they would have gotten would likely have just been more things to pile up in the house.

Karl and Gabi blew me away with their gift last night, and I am still just dumbfounded by it.   Thank you both. I consider myself very lucky to have so many truly loving friends in my life.  Thank you all.