Puzzle Pirates

So, I broke down and signed back into puzzle pirates. I definitly still enjoy it.

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Christmas Morning

Palley seemed pleased by her digital camera, and actually seemed to have fun taking pictures with it.  Micheal loved the shirt I got him, and put it on almost immediately after opening everything.  It even looks good on him.   Sonja seemed disinterested in the $50 gift card, “oh a gift card”.  Oh well,  it’s something she can use for her medicine.

Palley got me, a shirt, a pair of pants, my yearly proof set of coins, and a silver set to make up for not getting them last year, and a bunch of socks.  Sonja, and Micheal got me nothing, no surprise, I’m not going to let myself get all that bothered by it.  Anything they would have gotten would likely have just been more things to pile up in the house.

Karl and Gabi blew me away with their gift last night, and I am still just dumbfounded by it.   Thank you both. I consider myself very lucky to have so many truly loving friends in my life.  Thank you all.