My turn?

My turn? I specifically stated that I did NOT want my turn at the flu… NO NO NO  I’m telling you right now NO.   Oh and Theraflu is probably one of the nastyest things I’ve ever drank… Ewww…

As it stands, unless I make a miraculous recovery…  I’m not likely going to the museum tomorrow.  DANG IT, I was looking forward to this too…  Grrr…


3 thoughts on “My turn?

  1. OH NO! I was extra-careful not to breathe on you and everything!

    *hugs* I’m so sorry… feel better ASAP.

  2. Juli: Nahh its been to long for it to have been you I think. My guess is all the damn hacking coughing people at the maul yesterday.

    Gabi: Thanks, If I dont feel any better or it feels like its moved into my lungs, ill call the DR.

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