Ugh a bug

Well, I woke up this morning feeling better in some regards.  Other regards, I felt worse, I also had a irritatingly familiar rumble in my chest.   So I decided I better call the Dr. now rather than wait for things to get even worse.

I had to a see a different Dr. than my normal Dr. but thats not necessarily a bad thing.  She took a listen to my lungs, a look in my nose and throat and said I definitly had a bug, and it was looking lie it had potentiall of getting worse in my chest.  She then sat down and looked over my file, and said, “Hmm, Well I see this happens about this time of year ever year, and most of the time we keep seeing you rebound fashion for months till we finally prescript the Z-Pac.  Why don’t we try jumping straight to that this time and see if we cant keep you from having to come back every few weeks this season.” “Thank you! That would be nice!”

So, I’m on the Z-Pac, albuterol, and Mucinex DM.  Lets hope this does the trick.

Oh and she, the nurse, and I were verry happy to see my BP was basically normal.  I’ve honestly been wondering how bad it was considering all the stress.  It’s definitely better than it used to be.   (todays reading:  132 / 80)