Uhh, you aren’t handicapped… well not in any traditional sense

Today while eating lunch I watched some jackweasel pull his big white van right up into the striped handicapped loading space and block the ramp to access the sidewalk.  I should have ran out and chewed him a new one, but I didn’t.  I did however take pictures of the van, and the license plate. I don’t know if anything will come from it but I contacted Jessie White’s office.  Perhaps they will mail him a citation, I doubt it.  I’m hoping they will at least let me know what to do the next time the situation arrises.  I would confront the jerk in person, but I’d rather not get pummeled…

Front PlateVan in Loading Space


Leap, then look…

Oops…   I guess I’ll be stuck with the CM11 for a while.  It seems the USB Insteon doesn’t quite work with MisterHouse on linux yet…

Taking the plunge

I’m taking the plunge… I’m tired of the CM11 controller being so frigging unreliable.   I ordered the INSTEON PowerLinc Controller V2 USB, and the 2 RF repeaters necessary to start using INSTEON.   I’m hoping the controller it self will help out with the X10 problems I’m having.  Its getting to the point where I have to reset the CM11  every few days now.  I don’t know whats causing it, but its past my threshold of tolerability.  


I’m  home in one piece. mostly…  I hit a raccoon on the way home and tore up the skirting on the car…. grumble….  at least im safe… goodnight….