Uhh, you aren’t handicapped… well not in any traditional sense

Today while eating lunch I watched some jackweasel pull his big white van right up into the striped handicapped loading space and block the ramp to access the sidewalk.  I should have ran out and chewed him a new one, but I didn’t.  I did however take pictures of the van, and the license plate. I don’t know if anything will come from it but I contacted Jessie White’s office.  Perhaps they will mail him a citation, I doubt it.  I’m hoping they will at least let me know what to do the next time the situation arrises.  I would confront the jerk in person, but I’d rather not get pummeled…

Front PlateVan in Loading Space


Taking the plunge

I’m taking the plunge… I’m tired of the CM11 controller being so frigging unreliable.   I ordered the INSTEON PowerLinc Controller V2 USB, and the 2 RF repeaters necessary to start using INSTEON.   I’m hoping the controller it self will help out with the X10 problems I’m having.  Its getting to the point where I have to reset the CM11  every few days now.  I don’t know whats causing it, but its past my threshold of tolerability.  


I’m  home in one piece. mostly…  I hit a raccoon on the way home and tore up the skirting on the car…. grumble….  at least im safe… goodnight….

The Concert

Once more I attended the Bryan Bowers concert held by the Folk-Lore Center in Warrenville.  It was a little hard,  Dave used to always go with for it.  I had originally invited his parents, and others but everyone canceled on me at the last minute.  I contemplated just going home and skipping it, but I really do look forward to this show, and it has been far to long since I’d been to any life music shows.   So I went just myself.

There were about 35 other people that eventually showed up too, a pretty decent turnout for the venue.  Bryan started off the show with Bristlecone pine and followed it up with Soul of a man.  Those two songs are pretty emotional for me for various reasons, and honestly I’m glad he got them out of the way 1st.  He told some stories, sang some songs, did a number of call and response songs. (I love those… duh…)  Then he took about a 15 minute break.

During the break I picked up another CD, I think I’ve got all of his cds now, I may be missing one, I have to do an inventory one of these days.   Then while I was talking to one of the other people in the audience who was standing in the back I noticed Bryan heading towards us.

It turns out he remembered me from the past two years and came over to make sure he said hello, and to see if there was any song I wanted him to play.   I was a bit surprised that he would remember me what with all the shows he does all over the country.  I’ve  only been to 3 shows.   For once in my life I didn’t completely freeze up on song titles though.  I first told him, “well, you got my to favorites right off the bat, with Bristlecone pine, and Soul of a man.” “Oh… ok” “Hmmm. wait… Uh… one sec, the title slipped my mind… oh how about, ‘Walking in…’ “Oh Walking in Jerusalem just like john! Sure you got it!, In fact I think its about time to get back up there”

So he thanked me, and went back up to the front and started the second set. He did one other request, then mine, and I think the entire audience sang along with it.  He told  a couple jokes, and the story of the school of the seven bells.  (Really a funny story,  I cant do it justice on here)  He then finished up with a couple more tune and closed the show with “Friend for Life”.   All in all an enjoyable show, as always.