iPod Scare

The past two days I have been re-installing everything on my work computer. It’s been hell. Thirty some apps to manually install, on top of the plethera of other work apps that are deployed by the network on first run. Today I plugged in my ipod and was appalled to see the message “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode”. I panicked. Thankfully I refused to believe this was the case, as I had just used the iPod hours before and it was working fine. I did some searching on the net, and found Apple suggests that when this happens you should let it completely wipe your iPod. My response… NO… They then tell you if after wiping your iPod, you still get the message, try changing the drive letter assignment in windows. DUH! OF COURSE! I went into disk manager changed the drive letter assignment, detached and re-attached the iPod, and viola, all is well.

Why wouldn’t they list the least destructive fix 1st?