I have Arrived

I have arrived and am settled in my Hotel room in the Broadmoor Hotel / Resort in Colorado. I don’t care how the conference goes, this place is incredible. Droool…


2 thoughts on “I have Arrived

  1. Yeah, I just looked at their website.

    HOLY CARP that looks awesome.

    Of course, I expect we’ll see some pictures


  2. AAAAHHHH!!!!! You have us ALL jealous. That is our old hometown. This is the place we miss most.

    Yeah..the Broadmoor is pretty ritzy. If the weather is decent, take a walk around the little pond out back. Its lovely and it’s got lots of feathered friends to enjoy.

    I miss seeing Pikes Peak on a daily basis.. it’s so gorgeous there.
    We still have a lot of family in the Springs.. so we’ll go back.. but I miss it NOW. sigh…

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