Mountains Am Be Big

I walk out of my room, make two quick turns, walk out a door and this is what I’m Greeted by.


Oh, and have I mentioned that the weather was in the 40’s today, a nice change from chicagoland’s 0 – 8 degrees.

I could get used to this treatment… I just had a knock on my door, and it was housekeeping asking if I would like turn down service. (I’ve never had turn down service, well except that last time I asked someone on a date) So she came in changed around the bedding and left me with some gourmet chocolates on my bed. I’m loving this trip. I’m now heading over to the Golden Bee pub. It’s an authentic English pub, supposedly they have nightly sing-a-longs. Sounds like fun to me.


2 thoughts on “Mountains Am Be Big

  1. OH! You aren’t in the actual Broadmoor hotel.. you are in the Broadmoor!
    I can see the Broadmoor hotel tower in the distance in your picture.. and that mountain you are looking at there is Cheyenne Mountain. Home of NORAD.
    Duck if you see incoming missles..

    So that pond is not behind your hotel.. it’s behind that tower you see in your picture. whoops.
    A REALLY beautiful drive is just around the corner.. Cheyenne Canyon. GORGEOUS!
    You have no idea how jealous we are getting.
    (next picture.. turn MORE right.. get Pikes Peak.. heheh)

  2. ok.. help me figure this out.. I SEE the Broadmoor Hotel in the distance.. are you staying in that? I thought this pic was outside your hotel, but now I see where you said you are in the actual Broadmoor.
    But ANYTHING in the Broadmoor is unbelievable. NICE place, huh?

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