Day 2 – A touch of snow

Today I awoke to find we had received a touch of snow overnight. There was only about 1.5 inches of accumulation. Come to think of it, it had actually started a little last night by the time I left the pub. The grounds crew for the resort quickly plowed and salted any icy areas. By noon the temperature had risen enough that it was no longer even noticeable that it had snowed. Training went well, and Tomorow is pretty much a free day for me. I’m debating what to do, but I’m sure I’ll have a good time whatever I end up doing. I leave you with this view this morning. Click the picture to check out the other shots I’ve taken this trip.

Mountain View


Son can you play me a melody…

So I just got back from the Golden Bee pub. I’ve not enjoyed myself in a pub that much in a long time. It’s smoke free, so no sinus problems tomorrow. Marv the bartender took a liking to the guy from Chicago-land, and decided that he had to taste everything on tap. I had ordered a couple of octoberfest beers and the next thing I knew, I had samples of all the local beers plus a black and tan, all on the house. Sheesh… So after finishing all that beer, Bud, the piano man showed up and started trying to lead everyone in any song he could. He had a small following at first (yes I was one of said following), but by the time I left he had a decent crowd that was partly interested. As I was putting my coat on and about to walk out, he started Wild Rover, so I came back in to sing along on that one. Scary thing when he stopped singing and just let me go… Yikes… Oh and just to go on record, people in Colorado don’t have the clap… I’ll fix that, especially if my co-hort librarians from the Irish pub last year show up… MUAHAHHHAHAH I had, way, way, way to much fun tonight. This could be a real problem if I end up in there every night. (and I probably will… It almost felt like hanging around with folks at faire)

I of course managed to scare Bud a few times by knowing words to obscure songs he was using for filler. A couple of times he turned around to me and said “No, seriously how the heck do you know that song???” I had to tell him I just picked it up somewhere… The one that really threw him was, “Yes, we have no bananas.” It turns out he is originally from Milwaukee. He also just got married last Saturday.

Pardon the disorganized ramblings but I blame part of it on Marv and his way to attentive bartending abilities… I’m not really drunk, but I can certainly tell that I’ve been drinking.
Well, that sums up the nights festivities. I’m going to bed, and hope to get more sleep than last night.