Golden Bee – Night 2

Ahh, well another good night at the Golden Bee.   I walked in sat down and Marv immediately smiled and and asked “How are ya John? Glad to see ya back!”.  For dinner, I had a couple pints of Guinness, a shepherds pie and a salad.   After that I had a water, and another Guinness, and then Marv started in on the sampling again.  Guinness and Cider isn’t to bad.  They call it a Black Velvet.   After dinner I sat and nursed my beer in an attempt to slow down the samplings. 🙂   Soon it approached 8:30, and Bud arrived.  He prepped his piano area then went behind the bar to get some water, and a handfull of the little bee stickers they throw at people.  While getting the stickers he noticed me at the other end of the bar and yelled out “JOHN!!!”   I sorta felt like norm from Cheers for a second or two.     As he started the sing-a-long one of the other library people from my class, Micheal, made his way over next to me.   For the next 3 hours he and I sang along to just about everything Bud threw out.  We definitely had a good time.  At one point a little older lady requested “Sky Boat Song” which Bud knew, but wasn’t in the books.  He started it, and yelled out over the mic, “Come on John! Lets Hear ya!”  I did my best, but I’m a touch rusty on the lyrics.  No one else there seemed to know it at all though.   Halfway though the little lady turned to me and smiled a big bright smile though, so I guess I did ok.   I’m going to make it a point to fully memorize the lyrics tomorrow though just in case shes back tomorrow night.    On that note though, I think I’m going to go to bed.