Golden Bee – Night 3

Well, its a really good thing I sat down and copied the full lyrics to Skye boat song to my phone. It’s an even better thing that while out walking the grounds today I sang it to myself a couple dozen times… Tonight While at the pub, in walked a Scotsman in full dress kilt. A few moments later in walked his Mother, she was accompanied by another kilted man closer to her age. They were then followed by another group all with heavy Scottish accents. During his next break, Bud pulled out a paper with a list of songs on it, turned to the guy next to me and I and said, “Heres all the Scottish songs I know, do you guys know any of them?” I scanned the list, and the only one I really had any clue on was of course Skye Boat. “Ok, good!” He then started to hum a few notes and I sang him the chorus and the 1st verse. “GREAT! How do you know that melody, I’ve NEVER met anyone else who knew that melody?!?!?!” I responded “A band named Seelie Court, check them out at, their CD’s are on CD Baby as well.” He responded, “ok great, think you can do it?” I responded, “I’ll try but no guarantees that I’m not going to cause an international incident.”

He started his next set, and then after the 3 or 4th song he turned around and said to me “Ok, we have to do Skye Boat now! You want the mic?” “uhhhh…” At that the guy next to me, Steve, said “Definitely, he’s great, give him the mic!” So, Steve took the mic and acted as a mic stand, and before I knew it I was singing to a barroom full of people. I was quite nervous to say the least… I felt my voice crackle a few times on the 1st verse but managed to force myself to relax for the rest. When I finished I got a huge applause from the group of Scottsmen, and the rest of the bar. Bud thanked me, then introduced me to the whole place. Then Steve asked me, “So did you see them?” “No… I didn’t see ANYTHING” “They were singing along, and enjoying it at least the mother and the older guy.” Later the younger guy commented that he had no idea what the lyrics to it were but that his mom was really happy.

Good god, did I just actually sing in front of an audience?

Pardon me while I go pass out from terror now.


One other fun thing,  The manager, Dave, recognized me tonight.  “Welcome back!” He then took me right in ahead of the 10 or so other people waiting in the lobby.  🙂 ]


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  1. Ha, Me the rockstar/celebrity? Never. I don’t even have 1/64 the talent you do. I’m just some crazy guy pretending he has even the slightest clue what he’s doing.

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