Golden Bee – Night 5: Encore

(Hey, where did night 4 go? huh.. I didn’t write it up… oh well…)

Tonight was pretty dead, but there were a few of the “regulars” of the library crowd that did eventually show up. Bud was thrilled. We all played around, laughed, joked, sang, and had a good time. Marv was off tonight so I ended up spending more on beer. As things were winding down, and I was getting ready to leave I mentioned to Bud that I would ship him a Seelie CD with Skye Boat song on it. He seemed shocked. “Really? Thanks! Hey you wanna do it again now? I love that song!” I reluctantly agreed. Thankfully by this time the bar was all but empty except for the staff, and one or to local regulars, and Karla from WI. As Bud and I started the song I heard a “pssssssst” from the back and glanced back and the waitress was in the back dragging the kitchen staff out to join her in the “audience”. Karla joined me on the last two choruses (I handed off my PDA with the lyrics, as they have finally stuck in my head) When we finished we got applause form the regulars, and the staff. Way to much fun! We stood and talked to Bud for a while discussing all sorts of things, and came up with a while list of songs he wants to hear and learn. He thanked us again for all the fun this week (He’s going to AZ tomorrow with his new wife of ten days to visit his mother) and said something like, “You guys really made this a great week for me, there were some pretty bad crowds this week, but I always had one or two of you to play around with and really can’t thank you enough.”

Bud and I

One thing is for certain, I will be saving up money and coming back up here as this place is just incredible.