Chicago Maritime Fest – 2007

I had a pretty good time at the Chicago Maritime fest yesterday.  I would have liked to have stayed for the concert but with the weather turning as it was I decided not to stay.  I think I made the right choice there.   I had a good time, I really enjoyed seeing bounding main again.  I also really enjoyed the rest of the performers.  I did find it to be a bittersweet time though.  I really missed Dave all day.  It just didn’t feel right. There were so many times that I almost instinctively turned to say something to him only to realize all over again that he’s gone…  It still hurts…


One thought on “Chicago Maritime Fest – 2007

  1. You KNOW Dave would slap you upside your head and tell you to run along and enjoy yourself. He would hate knowing he was responsible for long faces and sadness. For you and for him, honor the good standards he set for all of us and embrace the fun times we all had together, but move forward.

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