Arizona – Day 2

Day two, Sunday, was renfaire day. I really enjoyed their faire. It was a bit dusty, but that’s to be excepted at any faire.

I ran into a number of people I knew. It was great getting to see Ziltch, Owain Phyfe, Ded Bob, Sara Mullen, Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass, and a whole host of other folks. Gabi was wearing her Seelie Court T-Shirt, and she had a few people recognize them. I met a few of the local regulars, and found them to be quite friendly and welcoming.
The site itself is very nice. The buildings are all well maintained, and have great character. There are a few trees on the site, they are still pretty small so I don’t think they would offer much shade on the hotter days. The stages are all well shaded. This is accomplished either by erecting scrims or actually having the stages indoors. The joust field has an incredible view of the mountains, and I think for non locals it might be hard to even notice that there is a joust going on.

AZ Joust field

There was not really a street cast to speak of, or if there was they didn’t seem to be as well managed as Bristols. I did have a few characters interact with me, but not as many as I would have in Bristol, St Louis, or Tennessee.
I think we all had a great time, and I will definitely have to come back to AZ faire on a regular basis. My biggest problem with the AZ faire trip was no fault of the faire, I was a moron and lost my cell phone. To the credit of the festival though, they did find my phone, and we went back the next day and retrieved it.