Arizona – Day 3 (Phone returned)

Well after a restless nights sleep, brought on by my having lost my phone things leveled off. At 9:30 I managed to get a hold of Corky in the faire’s office. I described my phone to her, and she had it. So after breakfast Karl, Gabi, and I climbed in the car and headed back to the faire. The woman in the guardhouse was extremely pleasant and let us in, no problems. We spent about a half hour in the faire’s office just chatting with the receptionist. So now we can all say we have been behind the scenes at yet another faire. 🙂
After leaving the faire we headed to Arizona Mills mall to do a little shopping for Gabi, while there I bought a pair of clip-on sunglasses and a couple shirts. The prices were really nice, I picked up 2 polos my size for $9 each. Not bad at all.

When we got done at Arizona Mills, we stopped to do a little grocery shopping. Out here Fry’s has a grocery chain in addition to the electronics store. MUAHAHAHAH…. Frys rocks…

When we returned to the house we were informed that the other house guests, Danny and Nancy, were taking us all out for dinner. We went to “Pinnacle Peak Patio”, a little coybow themed place with a unique policy on neckties. If you wear a necktie to the patio, they will cut it off you and staple it to the ceiling. At last count they have over 350,000 ties stapled to the roof. The food was excellent, I think just about everyone ordered steak, and it was some of the juiciest, most tender, most tasty steak I have had in a long time. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.