Arizona – Day 4 (The Dinner)

Day 4, Wednesday, had very little going on. We spent the day just lounging around mostly. Our sole responsibility for the day was to make potato salad for dinner.  Well come on, Karl, Gabi and I, just make potato salad.. YEAH RIGHT!

Before we were done we had potato salad, sauteed mushrooms, a romaine salad,  a fruit salad, and Ribs.    This we had all served and the table all set out on the Patio before Ed and Jane got home.   When Ed got home he asked how our day went, we said “Fine, uneventful”  He then asked about the potato salad and we all responded with various levels of shock and embarrassment, and apologized for forgetting.  “Oh well, well I guess I should start the ribs at least.” At this point he lifted the lid off the rib pot and found it was empty.  Gabi chimed in with, “Oh… Uhhh… we had those for lunch, sorry…”.  Ed seemed dissapointed, but graciously said, “Oh well, I guess we go out for dinner.”  At that point we figured he had had enough torture, and pointed him to the patio where the full dinner was ready.

We then let him repeat the gag on his wife when she got home.

Dinner was a hit, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We did run into one problem while cooking.  Karl and I had a hard time getting the grill lit.  Once it was lit it cooked for about 5 minutes and then went out.  I rummaged around a bit and found that the propane tank was empty, so I swapped it out and all was well.  Grills light so much better when they actually have gas. 🙂