Arizona – Day 6 (A Park, Some Shops and Sushi)

Today started out pretty uneventful. Karl and I worked on his website for his class. I spent a little time out in the back yard with the dog relaxing. Gabi has had a migraine all day so she has been pretty much out of commission. Around 3:30 Karl and I decided to go out for a while and see some of the local shops and things.

We visited a few indian shops and I bought a few gifts while there. I also bought myself a nice cowboy hat because it fit well, and looked really good on me. After that Karl and I drove over to a strange little “mexican junk” store. They have all sorts of odds and ends, and some really great deals on what appears to be well built furniture. I thought about buying a few things there and having them shipped home, but restrained myself.

Gila MonsterHo Hum intersectionJohn sushi

After leaving the junk store, Karl and I drove through a few neighborhoods looking at the various homes. The homes ranged from ranches, to exquisite homes built into the mountains. There are some absolutely lovely homes around here.After checking out the homes Karl and I picked a direction and just drove. We ended up at Tropp national park. It was absolutely breathtaking. We stopped about a mile in and thought we should turn back to be home in time for dinner. We looked again, and decided we could go a little farther in. We went a little farther and said, ehh we should turn around… We didn’t… We kept going… Finally after about six miles we actually forced ourselves to turn around.

When we returned home it was time for dinner. Dinner consisted of a trip into Phoenix to a sushi place called “RA“. We had quite a good selection of Sushi.

  • Viva Las Vegas Rolls
  • Gojira Rolls
  • Crazy Monkey Rolls
  • Atlantic Rolls
  • Crunchy Shrimp
  • Toro
  • Spicy Tuna Rolls
  • Spicy Yellowtail Rolls
  • Rainbow Rolls
  • Salmon Skin Rolls

and to top it of, we had to try something completely new to us:

  • Quail Eggs

I was a little nervous about the Quail Eggs, but figured, ehhh what the heck… They were quite delicious though and if you ever have the opportunity, try them.