Arizona – Day 7 (Frys, Fountains and Flats)

Today we made a geek pilgrimage to the Phoenix Frys. We saw the worlds highest fountain and ate dinner at an outdoor bar that used to be a stop for a stagecoach.

I noticed the other day that Jane had to crawl behind her computer to use a flash drive. I felt this was unnacceptable. So as a thank you gift I bought her a USB hub and new flash drive. This way the hub can sit on the desk and no crawling is needed. To accomplish this we could have stopped at any store with an electronics dept, but no we chose Frys because frys rocks. This Frys is decorated in an Aztec theme, complete with temple and worshipers sacrificing old technology. Way too cool.

Frys PhoenixFrys Alter

After Frys we went to Fountain Hills to see their giant fountain. We kept missing it while at the park, but you can see it for miles. It’s that tall.
After dropping off the rental car we went for dinner at Greasewood Flats. It’s a great outdoor bar. There is live music, every table has a fire, and you can even ride in on horseback. They have a corrall to ‘park’ your horse.

Quite a good day.