Post St. Patrics Day Post of Postyness

Saturday was St. Patric’s day, but you knew that. Saturday was the big Seelie Court St. Patrick’s Day Concert in Richmond. You knew that if you have been reading the blog. What you don’t know fomr the blog is how much fun the show was.

I was planning on getting to Richmond around 1:30 or so and would have made it, but I decided that I really needed a new belt for my Utiliikilt so I stopped in a K-Mart. While in the K-Mart I discovered that they were running a 50% of sale of all clearance items in the Mens department. I found polo shirts my size, that I liked (no easy feat there) marked down to $3.00. That was before the 50% off. I also found a few pairs of shorts, both denim, and kaki, for $1.00 before the discount. Including my belt, and one shirt that I really liked that wasn’t on sale I spent $98. You can imagine the amount of clothes I now need to wash and find a place for.

I arrived in Richmond (No, not VA, IL… ) around two o’clock, and checked into my hotel room. Once there I changed into the Utilikilt, and headed over to Doyles pub. Shortly after I arrived Juli, John and Ray showed up too. So we all went in together, and stood around for a bit. I knew Jon and company should have been there by that point but we didn’t see them. Finally Jessica Arrived and pointed out that Jon and crew were on the other side of the building unloading directly to the basement. None of us had realized there was an outside door to the basement. After a quick equipment unload John McCarthy and I went upstairs to uhhh… check the quality of the Guinness.

After a couple hours of sitting and talking at the bar it was almost time for the show, I headed down staris, and caught the attention of the waitress to get some food really quick. The Reuben sandwich and fries were quite tasty. I finished up just in time for the show to start. By this time there was quite a crowd gathered in the basement and everyone seemed excited to be there.

The show was probably one of the best Seelie Court shows I’ve ever attended. They performed 4 sets, and each set just seemed to build the excitement from the previous set. The audience all kept joining in singing and dancing and having a good time. We even drowned out the bagpiper upstairs.  It was one heck of a good time.  Dean, Maggie, Gina, and Christi were there from Bounding main and joind in on a few songs, and the entire 4th set.

I can’t wait until the next show. Although it’s going to be hard to top this one.



As of 5 minutes ago…

I am completely, 100%  free of Credit Card debt!
Now I can save for new car, or trips etc, and actually invest some money as opposed to having it sucked away by the evil CC companies.

This is the 1st time this has been the case since I was a teenager.

I intend t keep it this way as long as possible too.

(Of course the universe likes to torment me, and so last night my glasses broke…  But I think I have enough socked away in my emergency fund  to cover new glasses.  Maybe I’ll even consider asking for a prescription for contacts to wear during faire…. maybe…