As of 5 minutes ago…

I am completely, 100%  free of Credit Card debt!
Now I can save for new car, or trips etc, and actually invest some money as opposed to having it sucked away by the evil CC companies.

This is the 1st time this has been the case since I was a teenager.

I intend t keep it this way as long as possible too.

(Of course the universe likes to torment me, and so last night my glasses broke…  But I think I have enough socked away in my emergency fund  to cover new glasses.  Maybe I’ll even consider asking for a prescription for contacts to wear during faire…. maybe…


One thought on “I’m FREE

  1. That is FANTASTIC, John! Congratulations!

    I’ve got about $5K in CC debt myself, which is rare for me, and having that hanging over my head constantly is a huge source of stress. I’m insanely jealous of you right now. GOOD WORK!!!

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