MST3K Fans Rejoice!!!

I have missed MST3K for a very long time.  Yesterday, while trying to sort through the 20,000+ emails (no joke) in my halloween listserv folder, I stumbled upon a post that brought new light to a darkend corner of my life.    It seems Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy & Bill Corbett have a new venture called “RiffTrax“.   You go to the website, pay around $3 and download an MP3 of thier commentary for a video.  You then rent, or buy the video, pop it in your player and also start the RiffTrax MP3 playing.  You then have the hilarity of their commentary in movies they NEVER could have done as MST3K.   Just think Mike and company rip apart Star Wars: Episode 1!!!   Jar Jar doesn’t stand a chance!!!

So,  I’m thinking.. RiffTrax party!!!  Anyone interested?


2 thoughts on “MST3K Fans Rejoice!!!

  1. I’d join in your reindeer games……sounds like fun. Would it be on a weekend day so that I’d have the time to travel for the festivities?

  2. Star Wars Episode 1 is awesome, as well as the Matrix. Please stop by anytime and post on our forum – we are always taking fan suggestions for new movies to have Mike and co. riff on.

    Thanks for your support. Happy riffing!

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