Fun with the Roomba

Yesterday as I left for work I hit the clean button on the roomba and went to work.  When I returned my room had been nicely vacuumed.  I love robots.  🙂

Now, i need help naming him though.  I’m terrible with names.

So, post your ideas as comments, and I’ll post the winner here.  This is what he looks like:

Roomba Sage

12 thoughts on “Fun with the Roomba

  1. Skipper.

    I think he needs a happy-ish name.

    No, not Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, Skipper from the story I read as a kid about the wonderful, playful, faithful doggy. He’ll faithfully clean your carpet for you, and has already fetched you cords from under the bed. Good Robot! You could even give him crumbled doggy-biscuits for “treats”. With his blinky lights I’m sure he’d tell you that he loved them!

  2. Buddy, that way you can tell everone my buddy does all the cleaning I don’t want to do.

  3. For some reason I’ve got Star Wars in my head today, so I’m thinking Green1 woud be a good
    name. Not original, I know, but appropriate.

  4. He looks like a giant olive sans pimento (but a red sticker should take care of that). I’d call him “Martini.”

  5. Well there is the obvious…Like R-1 (kind of like K-9 on Doctor Who) but I noticed it says iRobot on there so Sonny would be cool. Or Chip, Sid, Waldo would be fun because you can say Where’s Waldo? or call it Honey Then you can say Honey I’m Home…ok those are getting cheezy. On farscape they named one of the DRD’s 1812 and it played tchaikovsky while working. Hope you find a cool name for your toy.

  6. Oh! Dean wants one of those.
    I’m also bad with names. How about Bob or Hal.

  7. Of course if you didn’t seem so sure it was a “He” I’d suggest “Rosie” after the maid in The Jetsons!

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