Mmmmm sushi

After helping “Kilted” finish his poster he and I went for dinner.  There is a sushi place near-ish to work, and I have been meaning to try it out.   So off we went.   We entered the place not sure what to expect.   Wow… YUM!   What a meal…  He even got me to try Sea Urchin, to my surprise I like it.   As we were leaving, belly’s full, he noticed the signs on the door.  Zagat rated 2006, 2007… Who knew…

The resturaunt:

207 N. Randall Rd.
(McKee St.)
Batavia, IL 60510


One thought on “Mmmmm sushi

  1. Oh that’s good to know! It’s a bit of a drive but if we were in the area Dean and I are always looking for a good sushi place.

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